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Thursday, June 22, 2006

nobody likes me, everybody hates me.......

and from what i heard there is a movie coming out sometime in the future about how to eat fried worms...could be good?

and i saw on the preview channel last night that there most definitely is going to be a movie about crossword puzzles...and i will be at that one for sure!

well, back to worms:

last summer, i was so very curious about all the worms that i would see on the sidewalks...what happened to them? do they just get tired, and before they know, uh oh, i'm dead? i just didn't get it...

i asked a friend of mine who is sort of a biology-ish major...she didn't know

well, i apparently forgot about it or didn't know how to adequately ask the question on

but this summer, my interest was sparked (is that the correct terminology?) once again...and yesterday, i did something about it.

george was caught on a beach pretending to be a marine biologist..."is anyone here a marine biologist?"

well, yesterday, i asked in my class of 10 anyone here a science teacher? (it's an education class, we got teachers in there)

and nick spoke up...he teaches 6th grade general science...and so i said, "nick, i got a question for you"

and i asked him about the worms and why there were so many of them dead on the sidewalks.

he said that worms come out because they're drowning...could be from the rain or from a sprinkler they come out for some survival....then, they may find themselves on the sidewalks...see what happens is, when their skin gets dried out they can no longer i guess they're inching along and getting skin-dehydrated at the same time, and then suddenly they just can't move any more...and then, when that happens they suffocate....SAD! start the day out drowning and then leave it suffocating....

so, i asked nick....if they're all on the sidewalks...wouldn't you think that they would see their buddies and think, "wow, hot day...guess i better try to stay in the grass" or something like that....and then nick told me...they can't see! so, they can't even tell that their friends have already succumb to the heat, i guess unless they ran into one, but at that point, it may be too late....

in case you were is still possible to learn some valuable things in the classroom...i'm glad that wasn't hands-on (no boat-a-thon) education...but i have a new sympathy for the worms out there~


At Thursday, June 22, 2006 8:16:00 PM, Anonymous angela said...

awww that's really sad. i've often pondered that same question myself...not long ago as i was exiting the richard m. scrushy building on uab campus i saw what appeared to be a worm massacre...i felt that maybe the worms were at war with one another and that many worms died in combat, fighting for a worthy cause (grass, water, whathaveyou).

At Friday, June 23, 2006 6:29:00 AM, Blogger annie are you okay said...

I KNOW....angela, you've done some scienc-y stuff...let's work on mutating the worms so that at least they can see....


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