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Thursday, May 04, 2006

just for the record, the weather today is slightly sarcastic with a good chance of (a) indifference and (b) disinterest in what the critics say

tonight's selection for the library includes the following CDs

1--Live--Throwing Copper (1994)
2--Panic! At the Disco--A Fever You Can't Sweat Out (2005)

3--Black Market Flowers--Bind (1993)
4--Collin Raye--Extrememes (1994)
5--The Fugees--The Score (1996)
6--Disturbed--The Sickness (2000)

oh, you call me diverse, eclectic, delerious, confused...(e) all of the above

so here's how today's library night went down...i remind you that yesterday's library night ended at -ish 3:30 am...

oh, i'm already there today, baby, and i'm not done!

I've caught "the procrastination" i believe from Graham Judson Lee Michael, who says something about the time to procrastinate is now!

I caught it and i've fallen hard...Cause, i know that in my heart, i ain't one of "those people" paper is due ain't done now at 3:26 am...

By 8:00 this evening i had ingested (swallowed) 36 ounces of soda...that's way too much sugar, in the form of two coca-colas and one mountain dew.

At around 9-ish, i purchased a latte from the coffee place in the library, which has surprisingly good coffee

At around 11:30-ish, i purchased another latte from the coffe place in the library, which has surprisingly good coffee

At around 1:37-ish, i DID NOT purchase an immunity defense bottle of orange juice...or is it a bottle of immunity defense orange juice...well, both the bottle and the juice, i'm sure, had magical powers!

Why? The coffee place in the library closed early...COME ON PEOPLE! you are KEEPING US me out! i've been nice to you thus far! i've spent some big bucks at the coffee place in the library! stay open for me!!!

Well...the gas station does not close...and so those sweet folks got my business instead of the University of Alabama...their loss?

at this gas station, i purchased:

1--wild cherry pepsi (add 20 more ounces to all that sugar)
2--2 starbucks double shots (one is gone already)
3--calcium + vitamidn D orange immunity defense, for me...and you better believe that if i catch the bird flu tomorrow...I mean, i already caught the procrastination, obviously the immune system is already in a bad state...if the bird flu is upon me tomorrow...oh i'm taking my castigations to the nice people at the coffee place in the library! (but not really...i'm a lot more talk and a little less action)

4--a bag of M&Ms
5--a 16 ounce Natti Light!

(JUST KIDDING...but it was very tempting...i believe i could get some good work done at the University of Alabama's library while sippin on that junk??? i think it's against university policy...and while getting kicked out of the university of alabama would be a good excuse for not turning in my paper, i don't think my parents would receive that excuse well...)

Now...for my -ish 30 page paper...i am sittin pretty at 19 pages, with a completed Title Page, Introduction, Lit Review, Methods, and Reference page....

Totally missing, however, the results and discussion...hmmm...SEM could be the cause of my downfall tonight---a-if Ah-ch-ade-- i will keep reminding myself, that though my paper SCREAMS, "And don't deny me--No baby now, don't deny me," I will respond to myself with, "And darlin' don't be afraid..."


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