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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Make a business for yourself, boy, set some goals...

In 2002, I went on a fall retreat with my college ministry...During one of the talks, Chip Riley (woot woot) gave us a piece of paper numbered to 100. He instructed us to fill in our top 100 goals...these could be things that we want to do, even goals that we have had that we've already accomplished. Well, it's harder than you might think.

I did it...four-ish years later i found it...and last night i looked at it...

i will share some of the items on the list...definitley not incriminating myself by sharing all of the top 100...but here's a couple.

2. have at least one job that i enjoy
4. visit all the states
5. memorize all the presidents in order
15. have a slumber party when i'm 40
16. be the co-founder of Roll Tide Runs (port-o-potties)
21. throw a dinner party with individualized salt/pepper shakers
30. learn how to speak in front of people and not get nervous
50. solve the Rubix Cube
52. memorize at least 10 hymns
53. random acts of kindness at least once a week
54. write encouraging notes at least once a week
66. go inside the White House
67. Get a photograph of Denny Chimes at night
73. read books
75. Meet Dick Vitale
80. Go to an Atlanta Braves game
88. see a real moose
90. be able to afford to give Labor Day and Veteran's Day and MLKJ Day prizes
94. learn how to quilt
95. maybe pick up trash on the highway
100. always have goals

on the other hand...the speaker...he gave us a list of his top 100...his goals are way better than mine...i'll share some of those as well.

7. Get a novel published
11. Have a verse memorized in every chapter of the Bible
15. Know 1000 whose lives have somehow been bettered by God's use of me
17. Ride an elephant in Thailand
20. Put together and send 1,000 Samaritan's Purse Shoeboxes
21. Visit all 50 states (40 of 50 so far)
32. Provide Christmas morning gifts for 1000 kids
45. Learn and practice basic techniques of oil painting
46. See 10 favorite Alfred Hitchcock movies on the big screen
54. Provide school supplies for 1000 kids
60. Make 5000 cookies for the Kairos prison ministry
68. See an opera
69. Make 1000 baby bags for use by poor moms in crisis pregnancy
71. Learn to identifiy major constellations in the night sky
99. Help 1000 other people complete an item on their list
100. Find the mystical and the magical "item 100"

So...the challenge...write down your top 100--it's a little challenging, don't waste your days thinking of your goals...go out and do them, make 'em happen...but take some time, just a little bit, and think of some...if nothing else, four years later you might have something to look at, to laugh at yourself at...

my dearest friend wrote, "I think I might write mine down. I am not sure if they would be goals in comparison to dreams. Goals I believe are more practical and obtainable. Dreams are more like the unobtainable being obtained."

either/ it! and let me know some of them?


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