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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

And babe, don't you know it's a pity that the days, can't be like the nights, in the summmer, in the city...

I declare this the summer of.....

well, after i turn in my SEM final (which requires me actually doing it) on Thursday...let the summer begin!

it's going to be the summer of reading and learning to use appliances...and seeing some "must see" movies


(a) CS Lewis--Mere Christianity
(b) TS Eliot--4 Quartets

[if anyone has any other must reads (only authors that go by initial, initial, last name), let me know!]

and i'm definitely going to learn how to use my

(a) coffee maker
(b) espresso machine

and movies that everyone should see---apparently

(a) Braveheart
(b) The Crow
(c) Scarface
(d) The Graduate
(e) Chronicles of Narnia

--again, any other suggestions, cause i'll do it!


At Thursday, May 11, 2006 10:33:00 AM, Blogger Misty said...

I'm reading a book right now called Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World, and it's phenomenal! Also, Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder is fantastic. Yes, I know, they do not adhere to the 2 letters, 1 last name rule, but they are really good books!

As for movies, if you have never seen The Pianist, it's fantastic. One of my favorites. Really sad, but a great movie.

At Wednesday, April 11, 2007 5:42:00 PM, Blogger kathrynthomas said...

g. k. chesterton - orthodoxy
w. h. auden - "refugee blues", among others
e. e. cummings - anything the man wrote

and despite that her name doesn't fit your requirements, edna st. vincent millay. check her out. she's awesome.


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