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Friday, June 09, 2006

I know I'll often stop and think of them. But in my life I loved you more.

This summer is so far going oh so very productively! Let me tell you how.

(a) i have finished The Da Vinci code, and i finished The Silver Chair, and i am on The Last Battle...add Blue Like Jazz to the list of books that i am going to finish this summer. I have started Mere Christianity---i have not been disappointed yet with any of these books.

(b) i have watched the crow and the graduate (and the finals of the spelling bee, you know that was intense). i also have watched the omen (the original), and i'm going to watch the new one tonight. I saw x men three, and i saw the break up...and then i'm looking forward to the devil wears prada (add that to the book list as well)

(c) the summer of doing stuff that i've never done continues...i guess it's the year of doing stuff that i haven't done...cause i hadn't caught the staph until february....but, this summer, is the summer of "never have i ever, but now i really have"

(c.5) i have not learned how to use my coffee maker, but i did make tea the other day, and i made my bed (and slept in it), and painted a bulliten board....and there's other stuff, too!

(d) for example: i drove through a car wash for the first time last weekend. it was horrible! and my intention is to never do that again...those big red things come down on top of the windshield and it was frightening, all the while the yellow things that twist are twisting and whirling on the side of the car, and the one thing you absolutely cannot do, but want to the most is to just ROLL DOWN THE WINDOW!!!! but that would create problems as well, so you're just stuck....stuck inside this little space that seems to be getting smaller and smaller...clinging onto the hope that five dollars will only purchase about 2 minutes (and hopefully no more) terrifying excitement.

(e) i am going to ride a horse. or at least get in a little cart that is pulled by a horse, says my friend anna. you see, i've never ridden a horse, those mothers are HUGE! they look ferocious. i get nervous....but i feel like, just as all americans should be able to list all fifty states (i usually get about 47 on the first try, and i should be learning soon that i always forget vermont) and all the presidents (i can't do this one yet, see, i don't even know how many there are, but i got 31 on my last attempt)...i think probably all americans should have ridden a friend anna has a horse named peanut, who can shake hands and give kisses...i am going to visit him (i hope) tomorrow!

(g) i started school this week. i have taken summer school classes 6 out of the seven summers i have been in school. i am a pro at summer school...i have taken 67 credit hours during all my summers of summer school....PRO! so, this summer, like most others, i am taking a class. i waltzed into my class on Tuesday...why? because all summer school classes i have ever taken during a split term have began on Tuesday. Well, i sat down, my friends Reginald, Michael, and Daniel are in the class... i know the teacher....well, then teach started talking about the first day of class....wasn't tuesday the first day of class? well, apparently not. apparently in the college of education, summer split term classes start on mondays and are over in four weeks...i'm not complaining. test one is on monday, 61 multiple choice questions (how undergrad!--ha!) and then after monday's class, we only will have 10 more class periods...yeah, i'm down with that!

(f) now, i know that i have cool friends who are going all over the world this summer...jennifer is spending some of her summer in london and then some in colorado; graham is spending his summer in friend wesley is spending his summer in decatur-where-it's-greater...and ummmm, heidi's in washington, carmen's in florida...and i'm in tuscaloosa....BUT I ASK YOU ALL cool people...yeah, who has already watched those movies, read those books, and driven through the car wash this summer! i may be in tuscaloosa....BUT....


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