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Monday, April 10, 2006

Say my name, say my name...

i have a hard's true, it's fact, i know this!

where did it come from? well, i've actually never asked my parents where they got my middle name, it's Christine...but the first one...they got it from an opera singer

an opera singer, i'm lucky, so i've been told that it's wasn't a character out of an opera, cause you know that could be even stranger

Anyways, my name...people often comment that they have no idea how to spell it...i am 24 years old today and i often forget some letters, but as a student brought up the other year, it is actually pretty easy...

do it with me, if you like:

(with an E)


there it is...

you might remember it because i am indeed a liar...i lie A LOT...except for that i usually correct the lie within minutes if not seconds of the initial fib, or usually exaggeration

do you need to see my name again: it's ANNELIESE

now--that's not to say that you have to call me's intimidating, i know

i've had many a nick-name...and i'll be the first to say that you absolutely cannot pick your nickname, you get what you get and you're stuck with it, and you better be okay with it, because otherwise, you will still be called that nickname and a snob

some of my nicknames (and dedication portion)

Crazy: My JPayne calls me "crazy" and she sings to me, I'm CRAZY, crazy for feeling....

Liese: My parents, grandparents, relatives in general all call me Liese...they don't sing anything while calling me that

On-A-Leash: Matt Carpenter...he just didn't hear the real name correctly, and that's what i became..i'm okay with that

Anna-Wiesel: is that how you spell that? i don't even know...but again, my friend David Jones thought that my parents called me that when he heard my parents calling me in the background of a phone conversation...

Anne: I tried to give myself that nickname (with an "e" of course) during an 8th grade summer camp, but quickly realized that i forgot to answer to didn't work out so well

Annabell: The congressman that i worked for called me annabell, i mentioned that cannot correct a congressman, or so i'm told, so i just said, "yes i am"...i support E. A. Poe and Anna Bel Lee, even though it's a bit morbid, so i can come to terms with the name

Anna: i mean, it's a given

Annie: what can i say...i fear it is a little condescending, but it's okay...but, if you must call me annie, please sing smooth criminal while you're calling me!...i referred to "annie" in an earlier post

Natalie: an international student that i have had 4 classes with over 3 years continues to call me "natalie"---well, it's been way too long, i ain't correcting her now

Anna Laura: this is new...again, i can't correct the individual who calls me Anna Laura, nor can anyone else, so it, well, looks like i'm answering to Anna Laura now!

There you have it...i should respond to the names above, and you may pick which one suits you for me....that is fine...but i say it name is Anneliese, just in case there was any confusion


At Sunday, April 23, 2006 10:15:00 PM, Blogger jm> said...

i should come up with a crazy name for you so i could make the list.... give me a day or two.


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