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Monday, October 02, 2006

a lake to ate ate ate, apples and bananas

Thank you my dear Kathryn for your thoughtful and thankful spirit which challenges me to think and to thank~

A is for Azaleas

the house i grew up in had TONS of azaleas in the front i look at them now, they're really not the best of flowers, bushes, or plants in general...HOWEVER, to a child, there is something about ignorance that i find now to be precious...and i think that it was with a kind heart that i would pick those kinda ugly and little flowers and put them in vases in my house or give them to my mom...i don't think that i would ever consider picking azaleas now and giving them to anyone...but at that time, it was a quite thoughtful act...or ignorantly thoughtful act or something like that...and it was good

A is also for "A little less talk and a lot more ACTION"

i have a hard time with this one, but i believe strongly in it...and i believe in action accompanied by confirming words...i believe in words followed by action...and i believe in the little actions like sending a card (even though that also involves words/talk)...i believe in the actions of my friends and the thoughtful nature in which they act

A is for Anneliese...and i don't mean me...i mean that opera singer that i was named after--i don't know her last name...because without her, my name would have been something along the lines of grimgerta (and i'm not even kidding)... it's also for Anneliese because it gives me a subject of conversation for my parents (and for many other people..."Mona lisa? No, Anneliese") i think sometimes we place too much emphasis on where we done came from, attempting to justify reasons for why "i can't," instead of acknowledging who we are and then going from there...however, it is cool to know something even as little perhaps as where your name came from...ASK questions! (ooooh, there's another "A"--more commentary to follow)

A is for Asking...

I'm always excited to ask questions...i think i ask too many a lot of the time...but i like knowing things about their middle names...can you really know a person if you don't even know his/her middle name? Probably so...but, there are other questions...questions that take effort to ask, and the answers that take effort to remember...however, that effort is worth it...and as you know a person more, you can be more thoughtful around him/her...even if it is adding a middle initial to an email, or spelling a name correctly...or knowing a sibling's name (i'm big on names), etc...


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