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Friday, September 01, 2006

lights, camera, action when i walk through the door

you know those people, oh you know...those people...everyone stares at them, they make a scene wherever they don't want to be one of those people

well, a week ago, i was with a group of people, two others, and we were those people.

i blame it on some scientists. if they had not decided that pluto was too small to be a planet, there would have not have been as many uranus jokes, made loudly at the hobby lobby and at the target...

i blame it on margaret ila...if she had not gotten a grown-up job, she would not have to go poster shopping for her office wall, and hobby lobby would have been a much quieter location for those dedicated to arts and crafts (and a whole lot more)

i blame qudoba...if there was no qudoba, there would be no qudoba tshirts, and if there were no qudoba tshirts, there wouldn't have been a gentleman in the target with his qudoba tshirt on...which, by the way, says, "get naked" ...we wouldn't have had to walk around the target in search of this man to take his picture.

and, for that weekend...i blame...a country...i'm not sure where they grow bananas....but whatever country/state that is...oh, i'll blame you too...because if there were no bananas, there would not have been a girl in line who was wearing one on her shoulder (insert joke, is that a banana on your shoulder or are you just happy to see me?)

and, okay...ultimately, i'll just blame myself...sometimes you just gotta be that girl...

i'm not finished...have you ever been somewhere and just lost it for some reason or another, and started laughing uncontrollably...again, making you that girl...

when i caught the staph back in february...i was hobbling around...couldn't walk without the limp...and there came a time in my life where i was in a parking lot and couldn't be seen...i had to almost run (i hadn't moved so fast in three months) to duck out of sight....special ops for real...

in the process, i did not grab my friend and pull her down with me...i left her out in the cold, standing in full view of everyone...i am trying to work on that...

it happened again...walking through a store this time instead of through a parking lot...and of course, it always seems that the time that you are trying to be the most discrete and the most quiet, that you run into someone that has to loudly ask, "Why are you tiptoeing? Why are you whispering?"

but, i'll tell you this much...tiptoeing around a store, through the aisles is a little exhilerating!

there's also something to be said about arguing. i recently got in an argument with one of my friends...and i rarely get in arguments. but, as we both found out all too soon...we were both incredibly incorrect, and we both paid for it.

this time, i found myself almost on the floor laughing...but trying, again, to be discrete, so doing that silent laugh, that must look humorous to the witnesses (and the store surveilance camera)...

all that to say that i'm sure it's just that i'm getting it out of my system...can't always end up being that girl....right?


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