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Thursday, April 06, 2006

This one goes out to the one i love...

So...i think i will attempt to start every post out with a lyric from a song...whether great, such as REM, or mediocre, such as WILL be done...(at least for now)

Things that i learned yesterday

I wrote a dear friend a message on all know that i love words, i mean, i'm addicted, and i just don't know how to quit...them....they rock my to my very core!

So, this message that i wrote...i was just writing, and typing, and then, i reached a point and i could not type any wouldn't let me. CUT ME OFF....what in the world? ...and i was just then getting to the good stuff? (yeah, probably not)

I also learned from that message of yesterday, i like ellipses. I mean, i know that i like them, but i realized just how much. In approximately 1800 words (which i realize is like a 6 page paper--oh well)...well, in those 1800 words, i used ellipses about 125 times...excessive? perhaps. But i really do think they break up thoughts and sentences appropriately whenever it's necessary...and in 1800 words, i believe it's necessary...

i was given a pop quiz yesterday...and i will go ahead and assume that he will not read this so it will be okay to share the thoughts on this and then to him later...the quiz, one question, paraphrased, who would you most like to meet (no longer living)

you would think...such an easy question, oh, i could be spitting off answers like Paul or Daniel (cause really dude, faith, i wouldn't be so successful with lions), Noah (all those animals...i'm scared of snakes, buddy, and the mice, oh the did you do it?)

but i don't want to lock myself into one of those answers...i feel as if once i write it down, i'm stuck. There's all sorts of famous people choices. But, somehow, i feel that's not for me. You can read about those folks. And, i know talking to someone ain't the same as reading about them, but still, you get some sort of idea.

I think rather, i might want to meet someone, rather passive in life, but full of spirit and wisdom and passionate. I don't know who that person is, i don't have a name at this moment. But someone who may have been overlooked, but who, within lies something just wasn't ever shared. Does that make sense, i fear it might not. I would google him/her to find a name...but he/she wasn't, i am without a definitive answer today.

Finally-ish...I don't speak anything but English. I have been introduced to Dora (the explorer, duh!) so i know a couple words in Spanish...and i am now okay with carrying my backpack on both shoulders, even though high school reflections tell me that the one-shoulder look is the ONLY way to go...but Dora, you're doing the two-shoulder thing, so i will trust your judgment...

I took my four semesters of French in high school...and i can conjugate a couple verbs, i know how to say "the record player is broken" and a couple other things...i can read some of it...and just between you and me, i like to watch movies with the French subtitle option ON, because i feel like I'm learning something, even though i'm probably kidding myself...

I can read the sweet sweet notes of music, and for that i am thankful...why didn't sight reading count as a foreign language in college, cause i would have hopped on that option in a FLASH!, the universal language.

But...i'm willing to try to oblige...i love knowledge, i yearn for some of i will add some good language tricks below...

which leads me to this portion of...

The dedication part of this post:

(a) Junior...we all can't be speaking cool languages like you...but we'll try. Though i initially thought she was pretty stupid and had nothing for me, Shakira taught me a lot back in the day. i'll sing along with you girlfriend. You're pretty darn good. And that was when she was talking/singing to me in put her in Spanish, and she gets even better.

No pido que todos los días sean de sol. No pido que todos los viernes sean de fiesta. Tampoco te pido que vuelvas rogando perdón. Si lloras con los ojos secos. Y hablando de ella. Ay amor me duele tanto. Que te fueras sin decir a dóndeAy amor fue una tortura... Perderte

(now, i don't know exactly what she's saying here....but i'm sure it could be true? and if it is totally inappropriate, i plead ignorance and beg for mercy)

(b) Kathryn...the French's beautiful, no? The Good Book, it's beautiful, no? And that's even in country, you mix it up and put it in French...good news (bears)

1 Thessaloniciens 2

13C'est pourquoi nous rendons continuellement grâces à Dieu de ce qu'en recevant la parole de Dieu, que nous vous avons fait entendre, vous l'avez reçue, non comme la parole des hommes, mais, ainsi qu'elle l'est véritablement, comme la parole de Dieu, qui agit en vous qui croyez...

20Oui, vous êtes notre gloire et notre joie.


At Monday, April 10, 2006 8:21:00 AM, Blogger kathrynthomas said...

merci, mon amie. le scripture parlé en français est beau. c'est très beau!


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