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Monday, October 08, 2007

If you see me in the streets...

The route: Tuscaloosa to Atlanta to Savannah to Jacksonville to Savannah to Tuscaloosa

It was another weekend of fun travelling to places I had never been before. And you know the punishment of being so normal is to have encounters with those who are lacking in that category.

Evening One: Tuscaloosa to Atlanta.

We begin our journey after the work day, and at about 6:00 we are on the road to Atlanta. It was a rather uneventful trip, except for the house we saw burning from the interstate. I mean, fully ablaze. The emergency folks were on scene. We also started watching Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil on the laptop. Always bring a laptop on long car rides, if one can be safe.

We arrived in Atlanta, well, Buford, at probably 11-ish. Margaret Ila and I were in Thomas’s room; Jo and Whitney were in Matthew/guest room. There’s something to be said about staying in a teenage boy’s room. I don’t do it often, and when the occasion comes, I try to take note. One of the first things I noticed were all the posters on the wall. Now, I went through that stage in my life, however, I had wall to wall posters. Thomas is much more selective with his choices. Well, he’s cooler than I was too as a youngster. I had Zoo Babies posters all over my walls, he has a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory poster on his (the new one, not the old one). The second thing I noticed, and nearly had to lie down because of, was the spider on his floor. It was a big one…and it’s the type you typically find in cupcakes. However, because it is not Halloween yet, I wasn’t mentally prepared for it. I saw it, stepped on it, and then realized it’s plastic nature. Whew.

Day 2: Atlanta to Savannah

It was about a four hour drive from Atlanta to Savannah. I am reminded of the line from Gone with the Wind. “Savannah’d be better for you. You’d just get in trouble in Atlanta.” I think there’s a hmmmph in there somewhere too, I’m just not sure of its exact location. Well, we followed Mammies advice and did not stay long in Atlanta at all. Savannah, Tally Ho.

We arrived in Savannah and immediately went to the Gray Line office to book our trolley tours for the afternoon and evening. One $10 dollar trolley tour and one evening haunted ghost trolley tour please.

Then we went to the hotel to check in. The Westin. It’s a great place and I’d recommend it to anyone travelling to the area. There was even Starbucks coffee for us in the room. Nothing I like better than some single-serving Starbucks coffee things! (I mean, I liked it so much, I took a picture of it).

Then it was time to drive back to the Gray Line office and off we go. Rachel was our host for the trip, she was from Rhode Island, and brought the fact up at every chance she got. We traveled around the seemingly millions of squares in Savannah, went by City Market, River Street, some churches, found out where the famous people lived (Flannery O'Conner). Saw the many SCAD buildings, and, of course, heard many a reference to Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. We also saw many references to the War of Northern Aggression (the headquarters of the Union Army).

At the end of our trolley tour, we decided to get off at River Street and take a look-see around. We walked up and down the street, stopping in various shops. We saw a statue, or so we thought. The best “stop and take a picture of me painted up, but also pay me a dollar” person I have ever seen lives and works in Savannah and it is worth the trip alone just to see her (I think).

We went in Paula Deen’s gift shop, where we did not see her at all, but did see a relative. We also saw the available tshirts. You may read what is on them. I’m not quite sure I agree with all of them, or think they’re cute. We stopped at City Market for supper at the Café at City Market. And then it was time to Tally Ho on to the Visitor’s Center where we would be picked up for our Haunted Trolley Tour.

Rebecca was our tour guide for the evening, and quite knowledgeable about Savannah’s apparitions. She, however, did not quite know what to do with herself when we saw a house with an Alabama flag flying proudly and of course gave it a big Roll Tide of approval.

It seems that almost all of Savannah’s buildings are haunted in some way or another (the Kehoe House, for example), and we learned all about it…from the safety of our very own trolley (there were many a'folk on haunted walking tours).

We saw the Pirate's House, also haunted with the ghosts, not only of pirates, but of the young men they intoxicated and then stole.

We might have also seen a couple of ghosts. For example, the two young (old) ladies attempting to get in the door of this house...They did not look like they belonged there.

We also drove by Club One, the home of Lady Chablis’ show. We did not go into the venue.

When we arrived back at the hotel, Margaret Ila, Whitney, and I decided to go down to the hotel’s evening eating establishment. We thought they might have dessert. We were wrong. So, we just sat there, and came up with our Ghost Remix for Halloween.

Day 3: Savannah to Jacksonville to Savannah

We got up and drove down to Jacksonville for the day. Alabama was playing Florida State, and we all had tickets…not only tickets, but tickets in the Bud Zone. We got to Jacksonville and hung out at the landing, where they had Starbucks and Nine West shoes for us. We walked along the water for a couple minutes and then headed towards the stadium, stopping by the fair grounds for a little Bama Bash prior to kickoff.

Again, I remind you. When you are normal as we are, there is bound to be some crazy folk that come into the picture.

We had the mullet. I always hesitate to take and publish pictures of mullets. Because, of course, they have friends too. I'm not making fun. I just don't have that hair style, and feel compelled to take photos when I see one. I do know that this young lady might be, or might be related to someone who will read this blog.

We had the illegal weapon and gun show duo. I also realize that it is indeed hot at football games. That prompts some people to just take off their shirts. Others, not wanting to tempt the masses, just decide to cut the sleeves out of their shirts, like this fine men.

We had the bear. This gentleman was of coach status. He told us that had it been ten years ago, different words would have been coming out of his mouth, however, the same enthusiasm was present for this game. He was hollering and I would say devoting his full attention to the game, but, as you can see, he was on his cell phone at this moment. No doubt getting some insider information.

We had preppy high school, blue jean shorts, tapered jeans, ribbon bow, and more white shorts than the law should ever allow after labor day.

We had some gangsters in training in their tank tops...these two had not quite yet made it to "illegal weapon" status, but they were indeed trying to show off.

We had two young bucks sitting on "University of Alabama, College of Nursing" seat cushions. When asked what year they were, they gave a big "huh?" accompanied by a greatly confused look. But, good try Whitney!

Story about blue jean shorts and family. So, mom is getting rowdy and is playfully (I think) arguing with lone-Bama-man in front of her. She pushes him, he knocks her hand off of him, which sends Dad into Mr. Obnoxious Pissy Pants mode. He tells Lone Bama not to ever touch his wife again. Goes and gets the cops. Kids are crying. And the troops are rallying behind Lone Bama, who has traveled all the way from Wisconsin to see some Alabama football.

Long story short, Ms. Blue Jean Shorts has to admit to the cops to pushing Lone Bama first, kids are now scared of Dad, Dad’s a jerk for the rest of the game, and Ms. Blue Jean Shorts sits down for the rest of the game, because she knows she is a trouble-starter.

We make it back to Savannah after the loss and make it inside our room just in time to see yet another Alabama defeat in the form of an Auburn victory. Booooooo.

Day 3: Savannah to Tuscaloosa

We get up and drive downtown where we meet Jo, who has made us reservations at Lady and Sons, Paula Deen’s gig. And it was good. And, it does indeed appear that she uses butter as a condiment. We waddled out of the place and walked around Savannah, stepping into the map at every other block. I didn’t major in direction and I didn’t major in maps, leave me be!

We went to several more squares, including Chippewa Square, where the bench that Forest, Forest Gump sat used to sit. It, unfortunately, has been replaced by some flowers and a sign. Ohhhh, well. We also saw the top of the steeple that is seen in the movie. We walked by and through the cemetery, and the Mercer House gift shop. One lamp later (I hope it’s not haunted) and we’re back at the car and ready to Tally to Tuscaloosa.

It was a long drive, but pretty uneventful, which is what one strives for on the way back from trips.

Savannah, check plus.
Jacksonville, check.
Alabama football, check minus.


At Tuesday, November 06, 2007 7:16:00 PM, Blogger kathrynthomas said...

love the photos. i've always wanted to visit savannah since a good friend spent a summer there in high school for a photography stint.

what was flannery o'connor's place like? any photos?


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